Saturday, October 11, 2014

Getting Beautiful and Sustainable Wood Windows for San Jose Homes

One of the major facets of interior design is which window to install. For years, people have installed wood windows in San Jose homes because of the unparalleled sophistication and beauty these fixtures offer. Since wood is an organic material, though, it will eventually rot, especially if preventive maintenance steps like repainting or staining are not performed. Not surprisingly, vinyl windows have become the go-to option for many homeowners because they don’t decay like wood and require much less upkeep. Thankfully, advances in technology have made wooden windows more eco-friendly. For instance, SGK Home Solutions installs the Essence™ line of Milgard windows for San Jose clients. Unlike standard wooden windows, this product has a fiberglass coating that protects the wood from the elements. Since no actual wood is exposed, problems like rotting, swelling, and twisting cannot occur, giving this wood-fiberglass hybrid a far longer lifespan and greater environmental sustainability.

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